All clothing featured on this website should assume to be in standard American sizing unless otherwise stated on the product page. (For some items you will see a size chart on the product page, please reference that before ordering.)

Most product pages are already converted to standard American sizing for you. 

We have a large catalog of items and clothing, some of them coming from overseas suppliers (Asia). In these instances, you may notice that you received your item with a tag x2 sizes larger than what you ordered. This is to insure that your item fits you correctly. (Asian sizes generally run 2 times smaller than American/EU.)

Don't worry though, we do all the converting for you. Unless there is a size chart on the product page, order the size you are used to wearing. If you're an American Small, order a small. If you're an American Large, order a Large, etc..

If you have any further questions, please contact us through email at: